DR70 - DR79 Dofollow Backlinks

The near gold standard in search engine optimization, these are sought after dofollow backlinks on the market. Keep in mind that these links are foundational backlinks, which are meant to provide a solid foundation for your backlink profile to build on. This list contains 200 DR70 – DR79 dofollow backlinks.

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Regularly Tested

This list isn’t a stale list. Every month, I test each list to make sure the links are still available, and a dofollow backlink. If you find one that isn’t, I will replace the link source with a new one, at no additional cost.

Foundational Backlinks

These backlinks are designed to create a solid foundation for your backlink efforts. Will this ensure each piece of content will rank on page 1 organically? Absolutely not. SEO is about so many different pieces.



Be sure to spread out your link building efforts over the course of a month or two for foundational link building. Using indexing software such as index inject, will allow you to create a drip campaign for indexing.

Understanding Foundational Backlinks

Foundational links provide the cornerstone for telling search engines to take your website seriously. The stronger the DR or domain rating, the more authoritative a search engine feels you are. When you compound your foundational links with guest posts, social bookmarking, and the links that happen naturally, organic ranking magic begins to take place.


Building a solid structure, helps ensure sustainable digital growth.



Creating link diversity, enables you to grow your digital presence exponentially.


Edge out your competition, by creating a strong backlink foundation.


By creating a solid backlink profile, you can stop worrying about fluctuating rankings.


Creating a broad spectrum of link types, ensures you are covering your bases.

Missing Pieces

Fill in the missing pieces of your backlink profile.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Link Love SEO (me) provides step by step instructions for each backlink, along with screenshots of how to build them. If you have any questions, I’m just an email away. My goal is to make backlink building as easy as possible, for every valued client.

Once the link is established, simply inspect the code using Google Chrome, to ensure your link is in place, and a dofollow backlink. Easy-peasy.

List Details


200 DR70 - DR79 Domains


Step by Step Instructions

All Backlinks Are Dofollow Links

Reusable For Clients

They Help Get Your Website Established

They Can Balance Out Your Backlink Profile

Backlinks From The Best On The Internet

Helps Your Content Rank Better & Faster


I didn’t just start building backlinks yesterday. I’ve been doing this for 7 years, and have built a solid reputation from those who matter the most, my clients. With a 97% retention rate, I’ve worked hard to ensure my clients are happy at every turn.

Bradley knows his stuff. He’s redesigned my website twice, and helps me with everything I need digitally. I highly recommend him to everyone.

Chris Elmquist

Owner, The Furniture Specialist

I always get answers to my questions, when I need them. How could any business owner ever be dissatisfied with that?

Dawn Baker

Owner, Skinny Chick Coffee

When I think of anything digital, I think of Brad as my go-to. When I thought of how to create Bizl as a platform, I didn’t have to think twice of who would develop it.

Andrew Rappath

CEO, Bizl

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I know. This list is also a bit expensive. All great things are. This list includes 200 backlinks with a Domain Rating of 70 – 79. There aren’t a tremendous amount of websites with such a high domain rating. Feel free to reuse this list for your clients. They will thank you for it. Think of it this way, you are spending $4 per link.

Your list will be delivered via email, the very same or next day, depending on what time you make your purchase. Lists are not kept in files on this site, due to hacking & security.

If you do not receive your purchased list within 24 hours of your purchase, please email me directly at brad@gingerhippo.com.


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