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Link Love SEO is a love story about building authority, building links, engineering quality content, finding guest posting opportunities, and optimizing content. Why is it a love story? Because I truly love search engine optimization.

About Me

My Life’s Journey

At 18, I joined the Army. I was a mechanic for nearly 6 years, and achieved the rank of E-6 (Staff Sergeant) during my time in the service. A member of 1/12 Field Artillery, I led our Battalion service team, ensuring our equipment maintained a 99% mission capable status. After 2 successful tours, I exited the Army, to be a more capable and present parent for my son Andrew.

The next 12 years of my life were spent wandering through different roles in Corporate America. One of my notable roles, was as a safety advisor in the transportation industry. My job was to teach truck drivers how to adopt behaviors which would reduce preventable accidents.

In 2010, my life took an incredible turn in a great direction, when I was presented the opportunity to be a full time single parent for my son Andrew, who was just 11 years old at the time.

In 2013, I founded what would become GingerHippo in it’s current form. GingerHippo is alive and well, taking on client work for website design, marketing, and advertising. If you have an extensive project need, I would recommend reaching out to GH directly, and one of our salespeople will help you through the process.

Fast forward to 2018, and I decided to create Link Love SEO, to fill a very direct need within the digital space. Link Love SEO serves one industry need, providing 6 total solutions. My solutions include on page SEO, off page SEO, a combination of both types of search engine optimization, LSI (latent semantic indexing) reports, onsite SEO training, and speaking engagements. I wanted to create a space for the solution to one single area of digital, which is lacking tremendously in the marketplace, and solve confusion regarding pricing & services. Hence, Link Love SEO was born.

I think you will love what I’ve created. I’ve compiled all of my outreach sources into a single space, with an ability to create something magical for companies needing search engine optimization. The magic is related to all of my industry sources, who know me, and trust the content I present to them as being valuable.

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Why Choose Me?

Businesses receive emails from various companies everyday, claiming an ability to make your business rank on page 1 for Google. I receive them too. Getting to page 1 on Google is quite a process. It involves building valuable content, creating authoritative backlinks, and pushing real traffic to a website. How would any company be able to claim an ability to accomplish this blindly?

The truth is that they can’t. Ranking on page 1 requires great content and on page SEO to start with, followed by ongoing off page SEO efforts. It requires dedicated outreach to websites Google finds authoritative, gaining “dofollow backlinks” from those sources to direct URL’s, and most of all… consistency.

The reason why my services are priced where they are, is because I’ve spent 5 years building relationships and link sources. I use “white hat SEO” principles. I put in the work, and every ounce of my outreach is a manual process. My efforts are the best solution, not the easy one.

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