You are after dofollow backlinks, which is the gold standard of SEO, right? I’ve built millions of backlinks in the past 7 years, and compiled a list of sources, along with step by step instructions of how to get them. Or, I’d be happy to build them for you. It’s really up to you. Thanks for stopping by, and seeing what I have to offer. Let’s get started with what’s available.

My Services

These services are really quite simple. There are 3 ways to participate. I can either send you a monthly list with instructions, build them for you, or you can buy a single list or multiple lists in bulk. Easy-Peasy.

Monthly Subscription

Need some help finding dofollow backlinks and just want someone to help you with the process? This is the right fit for you.

If you own an SEO company, and want to use each month’s list for multiple clients, I completely understand.

I Build Them For You

Want me to build them for you each month? I would be happy to. After all, I’m already building backlinks for others. The more the merrier.

This option can be a great way to add to your SEO offering for your clients. My reports are sent in a .csv file, so you can swap my logo out for yours, and make it your own. I don’t mind at all.


The reason why I created a subscription service for 60 backlinks per month, was to ensure you aren’t sending wonky signals to search engines. Ensuring you are building backlinks in a safe and responsible manner, is my highest priority.

Buy A List

This is a great option for someone who wants to test what I do, or wants to speed up the ranking process.

Be careful to not build your backlinks too fast, or it could send a false signal to search engines that you are creating an unnatural link foundation.

About Me

I’m Just An SEO Nerd, From Minnesota.

My name is Bradley Batdorf. Professionally, people call me Rain Man. I’ve been building backlinks for companies for 7 years, and I love doing it. I’ve accumulated a list of nearly 6,400 dofollow link sources, from high ranking websites, which I’ve decided to share with those who find my list valuable. I’ll even build them for you, if you like. You don’t need to rack your brain on where to find them, or how to get them, because I’ve found them for you.

I’m the guy on the right, next to my wonderful 90 year old Grandma, at her retirement community. I make up my lack of being pretty, with being extremely functional.

I’m a serial entrepreneur. Besides this great offering, I own a chemical company, full service web agency, a car wash, a custom patch business, a school bus parts company, and a horse shampoo company. <- I know. Crazy, right? I like to build things.

I don’t do it all by myself. I have a small army of unbelievable people who help me with various aspects of my businesses, so I can do what I love, which is building backlinks.

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Backlinks Delivered The Way YOU Want Them

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Easy Setup

One Click Installs

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What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

I’ve been working with Brad for 5 years. He just makes it happen for me. He built my website, and makes people show up or call. I couldn’t imagine where my business would be, without his expertise and efforts. Thank you.

Chris Elmquist

Owner, The Furniture Specialist

I don’t even know what SEO is, but Brad built my website, and has my complete confidence. It’s almost as if he’s addicted to his work. He is always straight to the point, and creates great results. What more could I ask for?

Dawn Baker

Owner, Skinny Chick Coffee

I’ve known Brad personally for years. When I need anything digital, he’s the guy. I couldn’t even fathom using anyone else. It doesn’t even matter what you need, because he is a one stop shop. It’s amazing what he can do with digital!

Andrew Rappath

CEO, Bizl

What Makes My Services Different?

No Contract, Cancel Anytime

I don’t believe in holding people hostage to contracts. If you don’t wish to continue with my services, I completely understand. I’m happy to have had you as a client, and I hope you will return at some point, when it makes better sense, or fits your budget better.

Backlink Building, As You Need It.

Maybe you don’t need my expertise full time. I get it. When you need SEO dofollow backlinks, or need a backlink list, I’m here. Need me to help 4 out of 12 months in a year? That’s fine by me too. I work at your leisure, when you need me. Easy as that.

Still Not Convinced?

Join my newsletter, and stay informed of what’s happening in my world of SEO. Maybe there’s still a chance to make you a believer. I won’t share your info with anyone, because that’s just rude, and I promise not to fill your email with garbage.