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Welcome to Link Love SEO. My name is Bradley “Rain Man” Batdorf, and I’m happy you stopped by. I hope you find my services and explanations valuable, and my pricing reasonable, for on page and off page “white hat” SEO services.

About Me

About Me

I Love What I Do

My goal with Link Love SEO, is to provide affordable search engine optimization, through on page & off page efforts. There are A LOT of companies who claim to provide similar services, and customers who have paid a tremendous amount of money for little or no results.

The simple truth is that there are very few people in the U.S. who truly understand SEO. I happen to be one of the few.

What Makes A Website Rank Organically?

There Are 3 Main Things


Content Writing

Properly written content, or SEO copywriting, creates content which can gain organic ranking. 75% of all content written, isn’t written in a manner which causes search engines to give ranking authority, which is why no one ever gets to read it.

User Experience

How your visitors interact with your content, plays a huge role in how search engine optimization is rewarded by search engines. Where a visitor goes, how long they stay, and what they read while they are on your website are important.

Backlinks "Link Love"

Search engines use backlinks as a major signal when determining how and where your content should be served to searchers. Backlinks from websites deemed authoritative, tell search engines your content is trustworthy.

How Does SEO Work?

True SEO is a manual process. It’s also measurable and quantifiable. Metrics are established on a 30 day schedule, to measure the efforts of link building. I use a number of tools to accomplish SEO tasks, but most of my time is spent using a tool called Ahrefs.

Ahrefs allows me to see 99% of the information needed to create and build a website profile. It also allows me to see link sources from competitors, and reach out to backlink opportunities for specific keywords.


5 Efforts Of SEO

I have 5 main efforts in creating a competitive website profile for search engine optimization.

  • Building “dofollow” backlinks.
  • Engineering content to rank, using proper terminology, which people are searching for.
  • Creating a sound digital profile, with consistent and trustworthy content.
  • Configuring user navigation to maximize on page optimization.
  • Daily website audits to find and fix website errors.

Building Backlinks

Content Engineering

Sound Digital Profile

On Page Optimization

Daily Website Audits


What People Are Saying

I can’t begin to share how thankful I am for what Brad does for my business. He knows how to get people to my website.

Chris Elmquist


We had less than 10 visitors per month on our website, after paying someone else to build it for us. Now we have over 1,000.

Al Dreumont

Board Member,

We doubled our enrollment in a single season. Brad has been so generous to our program. Thank you for being there for us.

Mike Alford

Athletic Director,

Brad brings cars into my car wash. 103% increase in actual customers, over the past 2 years. We were busy before, and busier now.



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